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Eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance your natural appearance without the daily use of mascara or false lash strips. Eyelash extensions are synthetic fiber made to replicate a natural lash. One lash extension is applied to one natural lash to add length and thickness to your eyelashes. Classic eyelash extensions feel and look natural!  

 FULL SET               $130

All fills after two weeks start at $75 and go up depending on weeks & the amount of lashes.
Volume lashes are when 3-5 lash extensions are applied to one single natural lash individually, isolating one natural eyelash at a time using thin lashes. Volume lashes are lighter, fluffier, and will give the client a fuller look.

 FULL SET               $150

Lash extension removal is a simple and painless procedure performed by your lash artist using a professional eyelash glue remover. We recommend having your lashes removed when you receive unwanted lash extensions or want a new set.     


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If you have less than 50% of your lashes, it will be considered a full set.


To receive "fill" prices, you must have a full set done at GC any outside work will be priced accordingly


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